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Building Your Library with FamilySearch

I love libraries. Even as kid, libraries were one of my favourite places to be. My generation was the last of the predigital age. I was in high school when computers first started appearing in classrooms, and I was a young adult when the internet became widely available. When I became a genealogist, my appreciation…

CSI: Nova Scotia – Coroner’s Inquisitions on Family Search

I almost titled this post using the tv show Quincy, but then realized there’s a whole generation of people out there that would have no clue what I was referring to. Trolling the FamilySearch catalog has once again paid off. If you’re unfamiliar with the catalog feature on Family Search, you are doing your research…

Immigration Before 1865 at Library and Archives Canada Part 4

Life got in the way of blogging last week. So a week late, here is Part 4. In this post, I’m going to look at what I thought were the most interesting record sets in the collection Immigration Before 1865. Lists of immigrants from Londonderry County, Ireland, that were contained in the original Ordnance Survey…

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