Finding Your Canadian Story

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Locating Records with MemoryNS

So let’s say you’ve found a possible solution to an ancestral problem. You know there’s a record set, but you don’t know where it might be located. Or perhaps you are looking for inspiration and the thought of searching each individual repository’s website (if they have one) feels a little daunting. If your ancestor livedContinue reading “Locating Records with MemoryNS”

British Columbia Ancestors: Medical Life in the early 20th Century

Was your British Columbia ancestor in the medical profession? One of the great resources I stumbled on at the University of British Columbia Archives (UBC) is the collection History of Nursing in Pacific Canada. Don’t let the Collection name fool you though. If your ancestor was a doctor or hospital administrator, you may find themContinue reading “British Columbia Ancestors: Medical Life in the early 20th Century”

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