Free Online Genealogy Course

On January 16th, the online learning site FutureLearn will be running their hugely popular genealogy course \”Genealogy:Researching your Family Tree\”. Taught through the University of Strathclyde, this is a FREE 6 week course. Each week\’s module takes only a couple of hours at most to complete. You as one of the students will have a chance to comment and share ideas in open discussions.

This course is mostly geared to new genealogists, and those with not a lot of experience. But as a more experienced researcher, I still enjoyed the course. The examples of records used when I took the course on a previous run were UK based. However, methodology is methodology and the techniques can be applied to any country\’s records. The genealogy journey of \”Chris\” that the course follows is entertaining no matter what your research level is.

All you need to register is an email to set up a student account. While you\’re there, take a look at the huge variety of free courses available. My favourite are the history courses of course. None are being offered on Canadian history as of yet, but I\’m still hopeful.

As for the University of Strathclyde, they offer degree programs on genealogy besides the free one through FutureLearn. They also offer some courses online, and some in class. I\’m intrigued by what they call the \”Summer Institute of Genealogical Studies\”. That will probably go on the \”if all the stars aligned\” list for me though.

You can register for the FutureLearn course here

The University of Strathclyde\’s Genealogy Studies page is here

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