52 Ancestors: Week 14 – The craftsman and Canadian Masonic record

This week\’s 52 Ancestors prompt is Brick Wall. I\’m giving it a bit of twist in that I\’m going to look at the Canadiana collection of the periodical the craftsman and Canadian Masonic record. This collection runs from 1869 to 1877.


The amount of information in here is excellent. Even though the issues were published in Ontario, the information in it is not limited to Ontario. I found articles about Lodges from other parts of Canada, and from around the world. Here\’s some correspondence about accepting the Quebec lodges from lodges in western Canada in 1870:


Scattered throughout these publications, you will find individual names. Here\’s an obituary for George T. Malcolmson, who drowned:


Now these publications seem to be an annual compilation of newsletters. Each microfilm is numbered to the Volume, and all except the last one has 12 microfilms. The volumes shown are:

  • Volume 4 October 1869 to September 1870
  • Volume 5 October 1870 to September 1871
  • Volume 6 October 1871 to September 1872
  • Volume 7 October 1872 to September 1873
  • Volume 8 January to December 1874
  • Volume 9 January to December 1875 
  • Volume 10 January to December 1876
  • Volume 11 January to June 1877
The trick is to look at number 1 of each volume.

The first roll of each volume shows an index of articles and corresponding page number. Then click on the subsequent rolls to find the page number you want. You can find the page numbers of each roll by clicking on the drop down menu on the top left:

Once you have found what your looking for, right click on your mouse, and then click on Save image As… This will save the image to your computer.

While your on the Canadiana site, type in the search word Masonic into the general search engine, and see what else they have digitized in relation to your Masonic ancestor.

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