I\’m Back and Blogging Again

I\’ve been silent on my blog for awhile, and I do apologize if you\’re a regular reader. For many people, the pandemic experience has been being house bound. My experience this past year has been different. My \”job-that-pays-for-genealogy\” involves Government Auto Insurance, as well as issuing plates and decals. Remote work from home is not an option for me. Even during the most restrictive lockdowns I still went to an office and interacted with the public. Now, I have been fortunate. I have had a job through the past year and I work for a company that takes amazing care of its employees.

But whether you\’ve been stuck at home or having to leave your house to work, the new reality we live in will eventually take a toll on you. I took a break from blogging, social media and the news for the past few months. 

So what did I do with my self imposed break? I spent my time attending virtual genealogy conferences. The way the genealogy community came together and went virtual has been amazing. I attended a few of the Scottish Indexes Conferences, the Quebec Genealogical eSociety Conference, and various other webinars. I was able to attend RootsTech for the very first time, and I came away from it totally energized and wanting to blog again. My problem is I learned so much that I don\’t know what to share first!

I also made break throughs in my own research. Getting the time to really sit and analyze my DNA results broke down my biggest brick walls. I\’ll also be talking about these in future blog posts, as they both involve not one but two of my direct line ancestors who changed their names and began new lives.

So I\’m back and ready to share what great and unexpected resources there are out there. I just wanted this first post in a while to tell everyone to be safe, and be kind. Everyone\’s experience during this past year and a bit has been different. And don\’t forget to write down your own experiences through this most unusual time period. Our future descendants will thank us for it.


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