Laying the Groundwork- Census Records Part 2

Last week we looked at what kind of information can be found on a census return. Now we\’re going to look at where to find them. 1851-1921 Library and Archives Canada ┬áThe LAC is the first place any genealogist should go. They have all census records from 1851 to 1916 digitized, as well as theContinue reading “Laying the Groundwork- Census Records Part 2”

Laying the Groundwork: Census Records Part 1

Experienced researchers know that the Canadian census collection is the first place to look for your ancestors. Census records pinpoint your ancestors in a time and place, but they can tell you so much more if you know how to read them. The first official Canadian census was taken in 1851/1852, and covered what isContinue reading “Laying the Groundwork: Census Records Part 1”