52 Ancestors: Week 3 – Unusual Names

This week\’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks prompt is Unusual Name. I have not been blessed in my own research with many unusual names. My maternal French Canadian side has a fondness for the names  Joseph and Mary/Marie that borders on the ridiculous. My paternal side has heavily favoured the names James and  John. My recently discovered Scottish MacArthurs are starting to look like they feel strongly about the name Dougald.

In the course of researching other people\’s trees and blog posts, I have come across some fabulously unusual names. They\’ve made me a little jealous that I don\’t have names like these in my tree. Here are some of the unusual names from my own and other people\’s trees I have come across:

My Family Tree

  • Great aunt Beulah Gertrude Marion McDonald. Born 1927 Ontario, Canada, died 2010 Toronto, Ontario.
  • 2x Great uncle Freeman Elias Johnson. Born 1899 Nova Scotia, Canada, died 1959 Nova Scotia, Ontario.
  • 4x Great grandfather Joseph Savoie. His given names were not unusual, but he seems to have been known as Rooster. Born about 1750 in Acadia, Canada, died 1810 in New Brunswick.
  • 6x Great grandmother Magdeline Schwineheimer. Magdaline and her parents were part of the Foreign Protestant settlers of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.
  • 6x Great grandfather Ulrich Hubley. Born about 1719 in what is now Germany, died 1802 Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.
  • 8x Great grandfather Jean Bastarache dit Le Basque. Born about 1658 in the Basque region of southern France, died 1733 in Acadia. Those familiar with the French Canadian \”dit\” names know that these are names that can best be described as nicknames to distinguish men or families with similar names.
My Inlaws\’ Family Tree
  • Hamlet Wood. Born 1870 in Halifax, England. Died 1944 Ontario, Canda
  • Francis Parnel Gladwish. Born about 1837 Kent, England. Died 1886 Kent, England
  • Hannah Maria Horsfield. Born 1850 Halifax, England. Death Unknown
  • Sarah Tooby. Born 1809 Derbyshire, England. Died 1855 Derbyshire, England
Unusual Names I\’ve Comes Across
  • Willoughby Nicolson Noble Norrie. Born 1869 Angus, Scotland. Died 1944 Ontario, Canada. My favourite name I\’ve discovered by far.
  • Reuben Cardinell. Born 1845 Ontario, Canada. Death unknown.
  • Fanny Jane Oldfield. Born England. Death unknown. What is unusual is that Fanny was her legal given name, and not a nickname.
  • Almilda Sager. Born 1851 Ontario, Canada. Died 1915 Ontario, Canada.
  • North Clark. Born 1815 Durham, England. Died 1899 Durham England.
  • Charles Longmuir King. Born 1902 Aberdeen, Scotland. Died 1972 British Columbia, Canada
  • Commodore Conley Cowger. Born 1909 West Virginia, USA. Died 1999 West Virginia, USA.

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