52 Ancestors: Week 17 – Parish Registers on Canadiana

Digital images of church records can be hard to find in Canada, especially if your ancestor wasn\’t Catholic. It\’s even harder to find free records. Thankfully, thanks to Canadiana, you can look at literally hundreds of reels of microfilm for FREE.

When I typed \”parish registers\”, \”church\” and \”religion\” into the search engines for Heritage, Early Canadiana Online, and Canadiana, I got literally thousands of hits. I\’ve compiled a short list of links below for ones with multiple reels or issues. In the interest of space, I haven\’t included descriptions of the record sets.

This is just a small sampling of what can be found. Try a variety of search words, and you will get different results every time. And don\’t forget to look at books as well. Here\’s a few I found:

2 thoughts on “52 Ancestors: Week 17 – Parish Registers on Canadiana

  1. Fantastic resource!!! Thanks so much – will be adding your blog to my FH Toolbox on the library website (I'm the de facto genealogy librarian at the library where I work and also the website manager)…


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