Working for the Government: Federal Civil Service Lists on Canadiana

 The machinery of the federal government runs on more than just politicians. There are thousands of people in various government departments who don\’t make speeches and don\’t lobby for votes. I\’m talking about people such as clerks, surveyors, light house keepers, toll agents, and inspectors. If your ancestor was a cog in the machine ofContinue reading “Working for the Government: Federal Civil Service Lists on Canadiana”

Newfoundland Ancestors: Newfoundland Methodist Church Conference

Do you have someone in your tree that was heavily involved with the Methodist Church in Newfoundland? Then you\’ll be pleased to know that Canadiana has recently digitized Minutes of the 2nd to 6th Annual Newfoundland Conferences of the Methodist Church. They cover the years 1875 to 1879.  Now I know this doesn\’t sound like aContinue reading “Newfoundland Ancestors: Newfoundland Methodist Church Conference”

Manitoba Ancestors: Issues of "The Commercial" on Canadiana

Records for your ancestor\’s personal life are the back bone of genealogy research. Looking into their professional life can be harder. If they were in public service, such as law or politics, there are many sources that are a matter of public record. Business owning ancestors don\’t leave as much behind. Of course, if yourContinue reading “Manitoba Ancestors: Issues of "The Commercial" on Canadiana”

Examining Dentistry Records on Canadiana

courtesy of Pinterest Health issues over the past weeks, and a mental health break from news and social media have kept me away from blogging. Thankfully, none of my health issues were COVID-19 related. One of them was some unexpected dental surgery. In the pre pandemic world, going to the dentist ranked very low onContinue reading “Examining Dentistry Records on Canadiana”

Newfoundland Ancestors: Newspapers and Magazines on Canadiana

One of the downsides to having Newfoundland ancestors is the lack of original sources online. If you have to research from a distance, it can be more challenging than some of the other provinces. Again, Canadiana comes to the rescue. On their site are several newspapers and magazines. The problem with Canadiana is that thereContinue reading “Newfoundland Ancestors: Newspapers and Magazines on Canadiana”

Alberta Ancestors: Digital Directories on Canadiana

I can\’t stress enough how important it is to have Canadiana bookmarked on your internet browser. This fantastic free resource has a massive amount of digitized material relating to Canada. While looking for inspiration for my blog post this week, I used the following search term in the main search box: \”Alberta\” AND \”directory\” When youContinue reading “Alberta Ancestors: Digital Directories on Canadiana”

52 Ancestors: Week 49 – Fall Fairs

Week 49\’s prompt for the 52 Ancestors challenge is \”Craft\”. A big part of Canadian culture, especially in rural areas, is the fall fairs or exhibitions. Along with livestock and agricultural displays, there were often craft competitions. People of all ages submitted their crafts for judging. There were competitions for woodworking, art, sewing, and knittingContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 49 – Fall Fairs”

52 Ancestors: Week 46 – Poorhouses Week 46 of 52 Ancestors is \”poor\”. One can\’t think of the poor in history without the dreaded \”poorhouse\” or \”workhouse\” coming to mind. Most people associate these with Britain, but Canada had them too. These institutions had the official names of \”Houses of Industry\”. They also went by names such as \”Poor Asylum\”.Continue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 46 – Poorhouses”

52 Ancestors: Week 37 – Bankruptcy Records

Week 37\’s prompt for 52 Ancestors is \”mistake\”. Our ancestors were human, just like us. They made mistakes. Some were small, and some were large enough to warrant official notice. One such type would be bankruptcy. This post I\’m going to lead you towards sources for bankruptcy records. The CourtsOf course the first place youContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 37 – Bankruptcy Records”

52 Ancestors: Week 35 – Finding Occupational Records

Occupational records can give good insight on the working life of your ancestors. If your ancestor was in politics, the military, or in a position of power, chances are you can find detailed records on them. However, if your ancestor wasn\’t, you might have to be a little more creative in finding records. This postContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 35 – Finding Occupational Records”