Alberta Ancestors: Homestead Records on Internet Archive

My locations of interest are no where near where I live. I was researching from a distance even pre pandemic. Because of this, I’ve gotten pretty good at ferreting out digitized records in unusual places. Don’t get me wrong, on site researching is still best. Only a fraction of what’s out there is online. AndContinue reading “Alberta Ancestors: Homestead Records on Internet Archive”

Alberta Ancestors: Issues of University of Alberta\’s " The Gateway" Online

 Was your ancestor connected to the University of Alberta? Then you absolutely should be looking at the campus publication The Gateway. Still in publication, it was founded in 1910. Best of all, all issues have been digitized and are available online for free! The publication focuses on issues relevant to students. According to their website,Continue reading “Alberta Ancestors: Issues of University of Alberta\’s " The Gateway" Online”

Saskatchewan Ancestors: "Saskatchewan History" Magazine

 Once you delve into Canadian sources, you\’ll find that some provinces are absolute gold mines for online records. Saskatchewan is not one of those provinces. It\’s a combination of the Province\’s privacy laws and the youth of the Province compared to some others. Only becoming a province in 1905 means there isn\’t the long historyContinue reading “Saskatchewan Ancestors: "Saskatchewan History" Magazine”

British Columbia Ancestors: Historical BC Government Gazette Online

Government Gazettes are a great resource. During the early years of Canada, these publications gave information on many aspects of the lives of our ancestors. They had notices of divorces, bankruptcies, and business dealings, just to name a few. I\’ve written before on the Canada Gazette, the publication of the federal government. But provincial governments publishContinue reading “British Columbia Ancestors: Historical BC Government Gazette Online”

52 Ancestors: Week 46 – Poorhouses Week 46 of 52 Ancestors is \”poor\”. One can\’t think of the poor in history without the dreaded \”poorhouse\” or \”workhouse\” coming to mind. Most people associate these with Britain, but Canada had them too. These institutions had the official names of \”Houses of Industry\”. They also went by names such as \”Poor Asylum\”.Continue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 46 – Poorhouses”

52 Ancestors: Week 39 – Finding Maps on Internet Archive

Week 39\’s 52 ancestors prompt is \”Map It Out\”. I love old maps. Finding Canadian old maps on line can be a little challenging sometimes though. I recently took a look at Internet Archive to see what they have, and boy was I happy! If you\’ve never used Internet Archive, you should start. Starting wayContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 39 – Finding Maps on Internet Archive”

52 Ancestors: Week 35 – Finding Occupational Records

Occupational records can give good insight on the working life of your ancestors. If your ancestor was in politics, the military, or in a position of power, chances are you can find detailed records on them. However, if your ancestor wasn\’t, you might have to be a little more creative in finding records. This postContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 35 – Finding Occupational Records”