Getting a Sense of Community through the Community Stories Collection

Genealogy is more than just collecting names and dates. Each person on your family tree has a story to tell. Part of their story is shaped by the communities they have lived in. Canada is a huge country, the second largest in the world. But each little corner of this country is different. The experiencesContinue reading “Getting a Sense of Community through the Community Stories Collection”

Going to Court with The Eastern Law Reporter

Court records can be hard to get when researching from a distance. I stumbled across a great resource on Canadiana recently. The Eastern Law Reporter covered court cases in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island from 1906 to 1915. Canadiana has 25 issues available, from 1909 to 1911. Now there are 2 volumesContinue reading “Going to Court with The Eastern Law Reporter”

British Columbia Ancestors: Medical Life in the early 20th Century

Was your British Columbia ancestor in the medical profession? One of the great resources I stumbled on at the University of British Columbia Archives (UBC) is the collection History of Nursing in Pacific Canada. Don’t let the Collection name fool you though. If your ancestor was a doctor or hospital administrator, you may find themContinue reading “British Columbia Ancestors: Medical Life in the early 20th Century”

Working for the Government: Federal Civil Service Lists on Canadiana

 The machinery of the federal government runs on more than just politicians. There are thousands of people in various government departments who don\’t make speeches and don\’t lobby for votes. I\’m talking about people such as clerks, surveyors, light house keepers, toll agents, and inspectors. If your ancestor was a cog in the machine ofContinue reading “Working for the Government: Federal Civil Service Lists on Canadiana”

Manitoba Ancestors: Issues of "The Commercial" on Canadiana

Records for your ancestor\’s personal life are the back bone of genealogy research. Looking into their professional life can be harder. If they were in public service, such as law or politics, there are many sources that are a matter of public record. Business owning ancestors don\’t leave as much behind. Of course, if yourContinue reading “Manitoba Ancestors: Issues of "The Commercial" on Canadiana”

Ontario Ancestors: School and Teacher Directories on Internet Archive

 I can\’t say enough good things about Internet Archive. For the genealogist on a budget, it is a great resource for finding sources that go beyond Census records and BMD\’s. The trick to using it though is patience. Because of the huge amount of material on there, you will have to try various search termsContinue reading “Ontario Ancestors: School and Teacher Directories on Internet Archive”

Newfoundland Ancestors: Directories online at Memorial University

 Newfoundland did not become a province until 1949. However, the first official accounts of Europeans setting foot on Newfoundland goes back to the late 1400\’s. The historic site L\’anse aux Meadows is over 1,000 years old, and attributed to Leif Eriksson. The province is considered England\’s first overseas colony, going back to Elizabeth the first.Continue reading “Newfoundland Ancestors: Directories online at Memorial University”

Banking Ancestors and WWI on Canadiana

 Sometimes you find the most interesting things on Canadiana. I stumbled across a unique resource today that had to do with employees of what is now the CIBC during World War I. From 1915 to 1919, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce published 11 pamphlets titled LETTERS FROM THE FRONT – Being a partial recordContinue reading “Banking Ancestors and WWI on Canadiana”

Examining Dentistry Records on Canadiana

courtesy of Pinterest Health issues over the past weeks, and a mental health break from news and social media have kept me away from blogging. Thankfully, none of my health issues were COVID-19 related. One of them was some unexpected dental surgery. In the pre pandemic world, going to the dentist ranked very low onContinue reading “Examining Dentistry Records on Canadiana”

Alberta Ancestors: Digital Directories on Canadiana

I can\’t stress enough how important it is to have Canadiana bookmarked on your internet browser. This fantastic free resource has a massive amount of digitized material relating to Canada. While looking for inspiration for my blog post this week, I used the following search term in the main search box: \”Alberta\” AND \”directory\” When youContinue reading “Alberta Ancestors: Digital Directories on Canadiana”