Getting a Sense of Community through the Community Stories Collection

Genealogy is more than just collecting names and dates. Each person on your family tree has a story to tell. Part of their story is shaped by the communities they have lived in. Canada is a huge country, the second largest in the world. But each little corner of this country is different. The experiencesContinue reading “Getting a Sense of Community through the Community Stories Collection”

Newfoundland Ancestors: Directories online at Memorial University

 Newfoundland did not become a province until 1949. However, the first official accounts of Europeans setting foot on Newfoundland goes back to the late 1400\’s. The historic site L\’anse aux Meadows is over 1,000 years old, and attributed to Leif Eriksson. The province is considered England\’s first overseas colony, going back to Elizabeth the first.Continue reading “Newfoundland Ancestors: Directories online at Memorial University”

Banking Ancestors and WWI on Canadiana

 Sometimes you find the most interesting things on Canadiana. I stumbled across a unique resource today that had to do with employees of what is now the CIBC during World War I. From 1915 to 1919, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce published 11 pamphlets titled LETTERS FROM THE FRONT – Being a partial recordContinue reading “Banking Ancestors and WWI on Canadiana”

Researching 20th Century Ancestors with the 1940 National Registration File

Tracking Canadian ancestors after the 1921 National Census can be frustrating at times. Those with Western Canada ancestors recently had the 1926 Census released to the public. Canadian law says that a Census will only be released after 92 years. The 1931 National census won\’t be eligible for release until 2024. If past experience isContinue reading “Researching 20th Century Ancestors with the 1940 National Registration File”

52 Ancestors: Week 47- Revolutionary Soldier Records at the PANB

Week 47 of 52 Ancestors has the theme \”Soldier\”. This post I decided to look at a database on the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick\’s website. If your Loyalist ancestor went to New Brunswick, you\’ll want to check out the database Records of Old Revolutionary Soldiers and Their Widows. After the Revolutionary War that gave theContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 47- Revolutionary Soldier Records at the PANB”

52 Ancestors: Week 21 – Canadian Naval Records

HMCS Haida This Week\’s 52 Ancestors prompt is military. I\’ve decided to focus on a branch of the Canadian military that often gets overlooked, the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). The institution as we now know it was only founded in 1910. Before then, the country was under protection of the British Royal Navy. If you\’reContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 21 – Canadian Naval Records”

52 Ancestors Week 19: The Nursing Sisters of Canada

Portrait of Miss Georgina Pope, head nurse of First Canadian Contingent during the Boer war. Possibly in her nurse\’s uniform from Bellevue Hospital, New York This week\’s 52 Ancestors prompt is \”Nurture\”. So this week I decided to take a look at the Nursing Sisters in Canada\’s Military. The Nursing Sisters have a long historyContinue reading “52 Ancestors Week 19: The Nursing Sisters of Canada”

52 Ancestors Week 10: Records for Spinster Aunts and Bachelor Uncles

We get so caught up looking at our direct lines that we don\’t always look at our ancestors\’ siblings. There\’s almost certainly siblings who didn\’t marry, or married and didn\’t have children. With no direct descendants, their stories get lost, and that\’s a shame. We\’re always looking for interesting ancestors, and sometimes these forgotten ancestorsContinue reading “52 Ancestors Week 10: Records for Spinster Aunts and Bachelor Uncles”

Military Ancestors: The weekly newspaper "Canada" I came across a rather interesting, and rare, resource this week. During the first World War, a newspaper was published in London England called \”Canada: An Illustrated Weekly Journal for all Interested in the Dominion\”. Part weekly newspaper, part gazette, this fascinating resource is so rare that I had a hard time even findingContinue reading “Military Ancestors: The weekly newspaper "Canada"”

Taking the time to Browse Part 1: Family Search

Indexed collections on various websites can take you many generations back in a relatively short period of time. In our excitement, we can sometimes forget about \”hidden\” collections. There\’s a whole host of record sets that haven\’t been indexed. If you stick to name searches, you\’re never going to get hits from these collections. TheyContinue reading “Taking the time to Browse Part 1: Family Search”