Researching 20th Century Ancestors with the 1940 National Registration File

Tracking Canadian ancestors after the 1921 National Census can be frustrating at times. Those with Western Canada ancestors recently had the 1926 Census released to the public. Canadian law says that a Census will only be released after 92 years. The 1931 National census won\’t be eligible for release until 2024. If past experience isContinue reading “Researching 20th Century Ancestors with the 1940 National Registration File”

52 Ancestors: Week 41 – Finding Context with BC Newspapers

The prompt for Week 41 of 52 Ancestors is \”context\”. Sometimes its not enough to know the specific events of your ancestor\’s life. You also have to look at why they did what they did. My future great great grandchildren will probably wonder how I ended up in my new home province. Now, as aContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 41 – Finding Context with BC Newspapers”

52 Ancestors: Week 29 – Finding 20th Century Ancestors I\’m a little behind on my 52 Ancestors prompts. I took a bit of a vacation going back to Ontario to visit family. Of course I also took the opportunity to some research on my Ontario lines. As a result I\’ve fallen behind, so I\’ll be doing some catching up over the next fewContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 29 – Finding 20th Century Ancestors”

Finding Ancestors with the Federal Voter\’s Lists

Source:¬† Last post when I was talking about City Directories, I had mentioned about looking at the Federal Voter\’s Lists for my grandmother\’s family. What are the voter\’s lists? These were directories of all persons eligible to vote, put together by Office of the Electoral Officer for Canada. They were broken down by province orContinue reading “Finding Ancestors with the Federal Voter\’s Lists”

Getting Lost in City Directories

This post is a little later in the week than normal. That\’s because I finally broke a major brick wall in my family history research by using city directories. I took a day trip to the Archives of Ontario on April 19th with members of the Kawartha Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. My purposeContinue reading “Getting Lost in City Directories”