Researching 20th Century Ancestors with the 1940 National Registration File

Tracking Canadian ancestors after the 1921 National Census can be frustrating at times. Those with Western Canada ancestors recently had the 1926 Census released to the public. Canadian law says that a Census will only be released after 92 years. The 1931 National census won\’t be eligible for release until 2024. If past experience isContinue reading “Researching 20th Century Ancestors with the 1940 National Registration File”

52 Ancestors: Week 4 – I\’d Like to Meet John Wellington McDonald

John McDonald and his daughter Marion This week\’s 52 Ancestors prompt is \”I\’d like to Meet\”. I have more than one ancestor I\’d love to sit down with: My 6x great grandfather Michael BASTARCHE DIT BASQUE. His and his brother Pierre were deported by the British from Acadia to South Carolina in 1755. They fled and wentContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 4 – I\’d Like to Meet John Wellington McDonald”

Finding Ancestors with the Federal Voter\’s Lists

Source: Last post when I was talking about City Directories, I had mentioned about looking at the Federal Voter\’s Lists for my grandmother\’s family. What are the voter\’s lists? These were directories of all persons eligible to vote, put together by Office of the Electoral Officer for Canada. They were broken down by province orContinue reading “Finding Ancestors with the Federal Voter\’s Lists”