Saskatchewan Ancestors: The Greystone Yearbooks Online at the University of Saskatchewan Archives

Yearbooks are a fun way to find out about your ancestor\’s academic life. If your ancestor attended or worked at the University of Saskatchewan between 1912 and 1969, then you\’re in luck. The University has digitized their yearbooks for these years on their website. The collection is called Student Yearbooks Online, 1912-1969. Digitized from microfilms, theContinue reading “Saskatchewan Ancestors: The Greystone Yearbooks Online at the University of Saskatchewan Archives”

Saskatchewan Ancestors: "Saskatchewan History" Magazine

 Once you delve into Canadian sources, you\’ll find that some provinces are absolute gold mines for online records. Saskatchewan is not one of those provinces. It\’s a combination of the Province\’s privacy laws and the youth of the Province compared to some others. Only becoming a province in 1905 means there isn\’t the long historyContinue reading “Saskatchewan Ancestors: "Saskatchewan History" Magazine”

Saskatchewan Ancestors: Medical Journals on Canadiana

Every now and again I like to randomly search the website Canadiana, just to see what pops up. For those who don\’t know, Canadiana, and it\’s sister site Heritage, are free sites. They have an incredible amount of documents digitized. They run the gamut of official government records and correspondence relating to immigration, agriculture, wars, and settlementContinue reading “Saskatchewan Ancestors: Medical Journals on Canadiana”

Saskatchewan Ancestors: Browsing Court Records on Family Search

If you have Saskatchewan ancestors, then you know that finding good sources on line can be difficult. In my own limited experience with Saskatchewan resources, I have unfortunately found that this province is far behind others in availability. Now to be fair, a lot of it has to do with privacy laws. Saskatchewan is aContinue reading “Saskatchewan Ancestors: Browsing Court Records on Family Search”

Metis Ancestors: Resources from the Glenbow Museum

If you have Metis ancestors, then you know finding resources for them can be difficult. One of the sites you should be book marking is the online collection at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. This online collection contains genealogies with source citations. Metis in Canada are the descendants of marriages between Indigineous and non Indigenous people. ForContinue reading “Metis Ancestors: Resources from the Glenbow Museum”

52 Ancestors: Week 34 – Finding Coroner\’s Reports

Week 33\’s theme for the 52 ancestors series of posts is \”tragedy\”. When you have an ancestor who died in unusual circumstances, there might have been a coroner\’s, or chief medical examiner\’s, inquest. These inquests looked into these kinds of deaths. Because the coroner could interview people and look at evidence that would not qualifyContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 34 – Finding Coroner\’s Reports”

52 Ancestors: Week 9 – The Canadian Court System and where to find records

Week 9 of 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks has the prompt \”At the Courthouse\”. If you\’re new to Canadian research, it is important to know a little about the Canadian Court System to find the records you need. There are two main court systems that genealogists concern themselves with. The Provincial/ Territorial Courts, and theContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 9 – The Canadian Court System and where to find records”

52 Ancestors: Week 8 – Photographs on Peel\’s Prairie Provinces

This week\’s 52 Ancestors prompt is photos. They are one of my favourite things in the world, especially when it comes to genealogy. Who hasn\’t looked at an old photo of an ancestor and looked for similarities to themselves? Even a photo of a house your ancestor lived in can make them more than namesContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 8 – Photographs on Peel\’s Prairie Provinces”

52 Ancestors: Week 5 – Don\’t Forget to Check Out Libraries

This week\’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks prompt is \”At the Library\”. Libraries are such an over looked resource for genealogy. There is so much focus given to Museums, Historical Societies and websites such as Ancestry and Family Search. People seem to forget that libraries can hold wealth of information as well, especially local history. A lotContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 5 – Don\’t Forget to Check Out Libraries”

Taking the time to Browse Part 1: Family Search

Indexed collections on various websites can take you many generations back in a relatively short period of time. In our excitement, we can sometimes forget about \”hidden\” collections. There\’s a whole host of record sets that haven\’t been indexed. If you stick to name searches, you\’re never going to get hits from these collections. TheyContinue reading “Taking the time to Browse Part 1: Family Search”