Alberta Ancestors: Homestead Records on Internet Archive

My locations of interest are no where near where I live. I was researching from a distance even pre pandemic. Because of this, I’ve gotten pretty good at ferreting out digitized records in unusual places. Don’t get me wrong, on site researching is still best. Only a fraction of what’s out there is online. AndContinue reading “Alberta Ancestors: Homestead Records on Internet Archive”

Saskatchewan Ancestors: Browsing Court Records on Family Search

If you have Saskatchewan ancestors, then you know that finding good sources on line can be difficult. In my own limited experience with Saskatchewan resources, I have unfortunately found that this province is far behind others in availability. Now to be fair, a lot of it has to do with privacy laws. Saskatchewan is aContinue reading “Saskatchewan Ancestors: Browsing Court Records on Family Search”

52 Ancestors Week 10: Records for Spinster Aunts and Bachelor Uncles

We get so caught up looking at our direct lines that we don\’t always look at our ancestors\’ siblings. There\’s almost certainly siblings who didn\’t marry, or married and didn\’t have children. With no direct descendants, their stories get lost, and that\’s a shame. We\’re always looking for interesting ancestors, and sometimes these forgotten ancestorsContinue reading “52 Ancestors Week 10: Records for Spinster Aunts and Bachelor Uncles”