Quebec Ancestors: Prison Registers at BAnQ

Some people are rather taken aback when they find their ancestor listed in a criminal register. Then there are those of us who get excited, because it means there\’s an interesting story to add to our family tree. If you have Quebec ancestors that may not have been totally straight and narrow, BAnQ has severalContinue reading “Quebec Ancestors: Prison Registers at BAnQ”

Saskatchewan Ancestors: Browsing Court Records on Family Search

If you have Saskatchewan ancestors, then you know that finding good sources on line can be difficult. In my own limited experience with Saskatchewan resources, I have unfortunately found that this province is far behind others in availability. Now to be fair, a lot of it has to do with privacy laws. Saskatchewan is aContinue reading “Saskatchewan Ancestors: Browsing Court Records on Family Search”

52 Ancestors: Week 9 – The Canadian Court System and where to find records

Week 9 of 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks has the prompt \”At the Courthouse\”. If you\’re new to Canadian research, it is important to know a little about the Canadian Court System to find the records you need. There are two main court systems that genealogists concern themselves with. The Provincial/ Territorial Courts, and theContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 9 – The Canadian Court System and where to find records”

British Columbia Ancestors: Victoria Police Department Charge Books

Some people get embarrassed when they find out there\’s an ancestor who has a criminal connection. Genealogists, on the other hand, tend to have the opposite reaction. We look at \”black sheep\” ancestors with delight, knowing there\’s a good story in there. This week I found out about a great resource through social media. GailContinue reading “British Columbia Ancestors: Victoria Police Department Charge Books”

Criminal Ancestors: The Penal Press

Kingston Penitentiary Source : By P199 – Own work, Public Domain, Do you have a criminal ancestor that was jailed in Canada? Did you ever wonder what life was like for them? I stumbled onto a great website this week that needs sharing. The Penal Press is a website that has issues of prison newsletters from acrossContinue reading “Criminal Ancestors: The Penal Press”