Going to Court with The Eastern Law Reporter

Court records can be hard to get when researching from a distance. I stumbled across a great resource on Canadiana recently. The Eastern Law Reporter covered court cases in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island from 1906 to 1915. Canadiana has 25 issues available, from 1909 to 1911. Now there are 2 volumesContinue reading “Going to Court with The Eastern Law Reporter”

New Brunswick Ancestors: The New Brunswick Irish Portal

When one thinks of the people who settled New Brunswick, there are three main groups that come to mind: The Acadians, The Loyalists, and the New England Planters. But there\’s a good chance that within your New Brunswick ancestors are another group that tend to be forgotten about: The Irish. Even my own maternal tree,Continue reading “New Brunswick Ancestors: The New Brunswick Irish Portal”

Maximize Your Searching with the New France Archives

A great many of us can trace our Canadian ancestry back to when we were a part of France. The French starting coming to North America in the 1500s, and the first permanent settlements started in 1604. The eastern part of what is now called Canada was called New France. The territory came to includeContinue reading “Maximize Your Searching with the New France Archives”

52 Ancestors: Week 47- Revolutionary Soldier Records at the PANB

Week 47 of 52 Ancestors has the theme \”Soldier\”. This post I decided to look at a database on the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick\’s website. If your Loyalist ancestor went to New Brunswick, you\’ll want to check out the database Records of Old Revolutionary Soldiers and Their Widows. After the Revolutionary War that gave theContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 47- Revolutionary Soldier Records at the PANB”

52 Ancestors: Week 46 – Poorhouses

http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/canadian-illustrated-news-1869-1883/Pages/image.aspx?Image=58537&URLjpg=http%3a%2f%2fwww.collectionscanada.gc.ca%2fobj%2f026019%2ff4%2f58537-v6.gif&Ecopy=58537 Week 46 of 52 Ancestors is \”poor\”. One can\’t think of the poor in history without the dreaded \”poorhouse\” or \”workhouse\” coming to mind. Most people associate these with Britain, but Canada had them too. These institutions had the official names of \”Houses of Industry\”. They also went by names such as \”Poor Asylum\”.Continue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 46 – Poorhouses”

52 Ancestors: Week 38 – French Canadian and Acadian Research on migrations.fr

The 52 Ancestors prompt for week 38 is \”cousins\”. My French Canadian/Acadian roots have given me a ridiculously large amount of cousins. So what better group to focus on when I\’m trying to appeal to a wide audience. http://www.migrations.fr/page%20d\’accueil.htm A few years ago, I stumbled upon a website called Migrations. This website has some great informationContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 38 – French Canadian and Acadian Research on migrations.fr”

52 Ancestors: Week 34 – Finding Coroner\’s Reports

Week 33\’s theme for the 52 ancestors series of posts is \”tragedy\”. When you have an ancestor who died in unusual circumstances, there might have been a coroner\’s, or chief medical examiner\’s, inquest. These inquests looked into these kinds of deaths. Because the coroner could interview people and look at evidence that would not qualifyContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 34 – Finding Coroner\’s Reports”

52 Ancestors: Week 28 – Acadian Research

This week\’s 52 Ancestors prompt is \”Reunion\”. If you have Acadian Ancestry, then you probably know that this year is the Congres Mondial Acadien (CMA). Held every four years, it is a huge celebration for those with Acadian roots. Each one is hosted by a different region of the original Acadian settlers. This year\’s celebrationContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 28 – Acadian Research”

52 Ancestors: Week 9 – The Canadian Court System and where to find records

Week 9 of 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks has the prompt \”At the Courthouse\”. If you\’re new to Canadian research, it is important to know a little about the Canadian Court System to find the records you need. There are two main court systems that genealogists concern themselves with. The Provincial/ Territorial Courts, and theContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 9 – The Canadian Court System and where to find records”

52 Ancestors: Week 5 – Don\’t Forget to Check Out Libraries

This week\’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks prompt is \”At the Library\”. Libraries are such an over looked resource for genealogy. There is so much focus given to Museums, Historical Societies and websites such as Ancestry and Family Search. People seem to forget that libraries can hold wealth of information as well, especially local history. A lotContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 5 – Don\’t Forget to Check Out Libraries”