New Brunswick Ancestors: The New Brunswick Irish Portal

When one thinks of the people who settled New Brunswick, there are three main groups that come to mind: The Acadians, The Loyalists, and the New England Planters. But there\’s a good chance that within your New Brunswick ancestors are another group that tend to be forgotten about: The Irish. Even my own maternal tree,Continue reading “New Brunswick Ancestors: The New Brunswick Irish Portal”

BC Ancestors: The Bill Silver Digital Archive

Free online newspaper sites are always a good thing. If your ancestors lived in and around Vanderhoof, British Columbia, you\’ll want to explore┬áThe Bill Silver Digital Archive. Provided free of charge, it is hosted on the Vanderhoof Public Library website. Bill Silver was a local historian who built a collection from 3 local newspapers TheContinue reading “BC Ancestors: The Bill Silver Digital Archive”

Newfoundland Ancestors: Newspapers and Magazines on Canadiana

One of the downsides to having Newfoundland ancestors is the lack of original sources online. If you have to research from a distance, it can be more challenging than some of the other provinces. Again, Canadiana comes to the rescue. On their site are several newspapers and magazines. The problem with Canadiana is that thereContinue reading “Newfoundland Ancestors: Newspapers and Magazines on Canadiana”

Newfoundland Ancestors: Online Newspapers at Memorial University of Newfoundland

I\’m always on the lookout for online newspaper sites. Especially free ones. Recently while doing some housekeeping on my internet bookmarks, I found one from Memorial University of Newfoundland of their online collection of newspapers. This collection is part of their Digital Archives Initiative. The site claims that this only comprises of a smallContinue reading “Newfoundland Ancestors: Online Newspapers at Memorial University of Newfoundland”

Alberta Ancestors: The Wainwright Public Library Newspaper Archives

Many public libraries across the country are in the process of digitizing newspapers. Not all of them offer access to non library card holders though. One exception is the Wrainwright Public Library. Wainwright, Alberta is located about 200 km southeast of Edmonton. Google Image The Wainright Public Library partnered with Wainwright Main Street Project, BattleContinue reading “Alberta Ancestors: The Wainwright Public Library Newspaper Archives”

Alberta Ancestors: Early Alberta Newspapers Online

One of the downsides of Canadian research is the lack of a central repository for newspapers. If you have ancestors in Alberta in the early 1900\’s, you\’ll want to look at the University of Calgary\’s collection of early Alberta newspapers. The website has a total collection of over 600 microfilms of various newspapers around theContinue reading “Alberta Ancestors: Early Alberta Newspapers Online”

52 Ancestors: Week 49 – Fall Fairs

Week 49\’s prompt for the 52 Ancestors challenge is \”Craft\”. A big part of Canadian culture, especially in rural areas, is the fall fairs or exhibitions. Along with livestock and agricultural displays, there were often craft competitions. People of all ages submitted their crafts for judging. There were competitions for woodworking, art, sewing, and knittingContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 49 – Fall Fairs”

52 Ancestors: Week 41 – Finding Context with BC Newspapers

The prompt for Week 41 of 52 Ancestors is \”context\”. Sometimes its not enough to know the specific events of your ancestor\’s life. You also have to look at why they did what they did. My future great great grandchildren will probably wonder how I ended up in my new home province. Now, as aContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 41 – Finding Context with BC Newspapers”

52 Ancestors: Week 29 – Finding 20th Century Ancestors I\’m a little behind on my 52 Ancestors prompts. I took a bit of a vacation going back to Ontario to visit family. Of course I also took the opportunity to some research on my Ontario lines. As a result I\’ve fallen behind, so I\’ll be doing some catching up over the next fewContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 29 – Finding 20th Century Ancestors”

52 Ancestors: Week 27 – Finding Ancestors in Yukon Newspapers

This week\’s 52 Ancestors theme is \”Independent\”. When I think independent, the first thing that comes to my mind is those that settled in the Yukon. Whether the attraction was the gold rush in last years of the 19th century, or homesteaders going off the grid in the 20th and 21st centuries, the Yukon hasContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 27 – Finding Ancestors in Yukon Newspapers”