52 Ancestors: Week 49 – Fall Fairs

Week 49\’s prompt for the 52 Ancestors challenge is \”Craft\”. A big part of Canadian culture, especially in rural areas, is the fall fairs or exhibitions. Along with livestock and agricultural displays, there were often craft competitions. People of all ages submitted their crafts for judging. There were competitions for woodworking, art, sewing, and knitting to name a few. So where to find resources?

When I used the search term \”agricultural fair\”, I received thousands of hits. Here\’s a sampling of what I found

Peel\’s Prairie Provinces
As usual, this site comes through for resources on Canada\’s West. Here\’s a sampling of what I found:

These are the best way to find out how award winning your ancestor craft skills were. Rural newspapers, especially, posted the winners of competitions. You may even be lucky enough to find  a photo. Here are some places to find newspapers:
  • Local libraries
  • University libraries
  • Provincial and City Archives
  • The Ancestor Hunt
Here are some \”thinking outside the box\” sources:

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