Saskatchewan Ancestors: "Saskatchewan History" Magazine

 Once you delve into Canadian sources, you\’ll find that some provinces are absolute gold mines for online records. Saskatchewan is not one of those provinces. It\’s a combination of the Province\’s privacy laws and the youth of the Province compared to some others. Only becoming a province in 1905 means there isn\’t the long historyContinue reading “Saskatchewan Ancestors: "Saskatchewan History" Magazine”

St. Distaff\’s Day and Our Textile Ancestors This week\’s blog post will appeal to those of you who are trivia and history buffs, but there is a genealogy connection. On January 6 I attended the St. Distaff\’s Day celebration at the Fort St.John North Peace Museum. The North Peace Spinners and Weavers Guild were there to show visitors the ancient art ofContinue reading “St. Distaff\’s Day and Our Textile Ancestors”

Newfoundland and Labrador Ancestors: The Maritime History Archive Part 2

In Part 1, we looking at the catalog of the Maritime History Archive\’s holdings. In Part 2 we\’re looking at what else they have to offer. Research ServicesStaff can be hired to do research and provide scans of documents for a fee. Considering all they have in their holdings, the fees are not unreasonable. ResearchContinue reading “Newfoundland and Labrador Ancestors: The Maritime History Archive Part 2”

Newfoundland and Labrador Ancestors: The Maritime History Archive Part 1 Researching family history in Newfoundland presents unique challenges. Though European colonization of \”The Rock\” goes back farther than even Quebec City, Newfoundland did not become a province of Canada until 1949. For a complete history and overview of the province, you can check out the Canadian Encyclopedia\’s entry on Newfoundland and Labrador here. Because theyContinue reading “Newfoundland and Labrador Ancestors: The Maritime History Archive Part 1”

Alberta Ancestors: The Alberta Heritage Digitization Project If you have Alberta ancestors, then you\’ll want to check out the website Our Future, Our Past: The Alberta Heritage Digitization Project. The non profit project ran from 1999 to 2010, digitizing various media relating to Alberta\’s history and culture. It\’s the impressive collaboration between:  University of Calgary  University of Alberta  Glenbow Museum  Nickle ArtsContinue reading “Alberta Ancestors: The Alberta Heritage Digitization Project”

Happy St. Patrick\’s Day! Canada and our Irish Roots

According to the 2011 National Household Survey, 14% of Canadians identify themselves as Irish. I recently found Irish in my own family history. My brick wall ancestor, my great grandfather John Wellington McDonald, identified his parents as being born in Ireland on his wedding registration. I am not the only Canadian genealogist to have foundContinue reading “Happy St. Patrick\’s Day! Canada and our Irish Roots”

Louis Hebert and Marie Rollet – Canada\’s First Settlers

This post will appeal to both genealogists and history buffs. There\’s been some excitement from the French Canadian genealogy community the past few days about Louis Hebert and Marie Rollet. The theory for many years was that they had married in Saint-Germain-l\’Auxerrois church in Paris in 1602. There was a fire at the church andContinue reading “Louis Hebert and Marie Rollet – Canada\’s First Settlers”

The Empress of Ireland: "Canada\’s Titanic"

I recently came across the author Steve Robinson. He writes a series of books that are \”genealogical murder mysteries\”. I have to tell you, I have tore through the first four of his books in less than two months. There are five total, with a new one coming out in May. His fourth book, TheContinue reading “The Empress of Ireland: "Canada\’s Titanic"”

This Week in History 12-18 February 2017 – Mr. Dressup Premieres

Source: American kids had Mr. Rogers\’ Neighborhood. In Canada, we had Ernie Coombs aka Mr. Dressup. The show premiered 13 February 1967, and was one of the longest running children\’s shows in Canada. Every weekday morning he would lead his preschool viewers through songs, stories and games. He was aided by puppets Casey and Finnegan the dog,Continue reading “This Week in History 12-18 February 2017 – Mr. Dressup Premieres”