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I have been rather lax about my history posts, and I apologize. The \”job that pays for genealogy\” and my courses have left me with less time than I originally planned for blogging. I realized that two blog posts a week was a little ambitious, given my current schedule. So, my Canadian history posts will be less frequent than my genealogy posts. I will still post once a week on genealogy, but the history posts will be less frequent. To get your history fix, might I suggest you look at:

Unwritten Histories by Andrea Eidinger. Andrea is a historian and her Weekly Roundup posts are very informative.

Canadian History Timeline. This page is great. Every day of the year has a historical event in Canadian history. Not only the typical historical events, but you can also find events relating to sports, finance, and entertainment as well. If it relates to Canada, it will be listed.

Also check out the Canadian Historical Association\’s list of history blogs. I haven\’t looked at all of the ones listed, but the few I looked at so far are good.

If you have any other suggestions, then feel free to mention them in the comments and I\’ll be sure to add them to the post.

Next post will be back to genealogy, when we continue looking at Religious Records.

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