Military Ancestors: Courts Martial Records of the First World War at LAC

When we find a military ancestor, it\’s natural to imagine them doing heroic deeds and ending up with a chest full of medals. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Our ancestors were regular people just like we are, and didn\’t always distinguish themselves in good ways. Library and Archives Canada has an interesting onlineContinue reading “Military Ancestors: Courts Martial Records of the First World War at LAC”

Military Ancestors: Boer War Ancestors

Remembrance Day this year coincides with the centenary of the WWI battles of Vimy and Passchendale. There are some great blog posts from other bloggers showing you ways to search your WWI ancestors\’ details. What I\’d like to do this week is highlight a lesser known set of veterans, those who fought in the BoerContinue reading “Military Ancestors: Boer War Ancestors”

The Pig War

Source: One of the more amusing stories I\’ve come across recently in Canada/US relations has been given the rather interesting label \”The Pig War\”. What started as a dispute over a slain pig turned into an international incident in the mid 1800s on San Juan Island. In June 1846, the Treaty of Oregon was signedContinue reading “The Pig War”

Do You Have a Military Ancestor?

Do You Have a Military Ancestor? Canada has a long history of military service and accomplishment. Just the mention of the words \”Vimy\”or \”Juno\” can make a Canadian stand a little straighter and feel a sense of pride. In more recent years, we are known the world over for our peace keeping missions. And then,Continue reading “Do You Have a Military Ancestor?”