52 Ancestors: Week 22: Cemetery Records on Canadiana

This week\’s 52 Ancestors prompt is \”At the Cemetery\”. I\’m going to look at some of the more unusual records you can find on the Canadiana website relating to cemeteries. Through my research I haven\’t found a lot on there that pertains to indexes and transcriptions. However, I did find some interesting records.


Government Publications
To see all 1,846 monograph results on Canadiana using the search word \”cemeteries\” click here. Try playing with search terms. You might find some surprising things. For example, I tried \”funeral\” and start getting results for funeral invitations. I then tried \”funeral notices\”. I got over 4,000 results. The top results were invitations and notices dating back to the early 1800\’s. Here\’s one for a Mr. Jacob Duseler from 1832:
Some publications I didn\’t include above but are worth looking into for cemetery information on Canadiana:
  • Place histories
  • Directories
  • Church newsletters
As always with Canadiana, book yourself a good chunk of time to explore the site.

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