52 Ancestors: Week 22: Cemetery Records on Canadiana

This week\’s 52 Ancestors prompt is \”At the Cemetery\”. I\’m going to look at some of the more unusual records you can find on the¬†Canadiana website relating to cemeteries. Through my research I haven\’t found a lot on there that pertains to indexes and transcriptions. However, I did find some interesting records. Monographs The firstContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 22: Cemetery Records on Canadiana”

52 Ancestors: Week 12 – 12 Sites to Further your Canadian Research

Everyone knows about the big search sites for record sets. But when you\’re missing out on a lot if you only stick to Ancestry, Family Search, My Heritage and Find My Past. There are lots of other sites that are FREE that you can go to that can give you information. This week I\’m goingContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 12 – 12 Sites to Further your Canadian Research”

Ontario Ancestors: Toronto Trust Cemeteries Collection

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Ontario All the various cemetery sites online are great for finding inscriptions and pictures of your ancestors\’ tombstones. But one resource that many people overlook are the registers for the cemetery. The reason for this is because it involves a little more of the old fashioned leg work and persistence. You are not going toContinue reading “Ontario Ancestors: Toronto Trust Cemeteries Collection”


Saint Paul\’s Anglican Church and Cemetery. Trinity, NewfoundlandSource:¬†http://www.fotosearch.com/DSN024/1823198/ It sounds morbid to non genealogy people, but I love cemeteries. I find them very peaceful to walk through. I also find it interesting to read the headstones.You can learn so much from them, besides birth and death dates. Family members are sometimes buried in one plot,Continue reading “Cemeteries”