Manitoba Ancestors: Manitoba Church Records on Family Search Church records can be a goldmine of information for genealogists. Not only will you get that valuable birth, marriage and death information, but you can also get names of extended family. These records can also pre date civil registration and census records, getting your family further back. The problem with church records is thatContinue reading “Manitoba Ancestors: Manitoba Church Records on Family Search”

Religious Records Part 7 – The Territories

To wrap up the series on religious records, we are in this post looking at the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. YukonAccording to the Canadian Encyclopedia entry on the Yukon, 50 percent of the people had no religious affiliation, 46 percent claimed Christian denominations, and 1 percent claimed Native spirituality. There was nothing else listed for theContinue reading “Religious Records Part 7 – The Territories”

Religious Records Part 6 – Alberta and British Columbia

This post we\’re finishing up the provinces by looking at Alberta and British Columbia. AlbertaThough there were Catholic priests in Alberta in the beginning, it was the Wesleyan Methodists that first started consciously performing and recording baptisms, marriages and burials in Alberta. Through the years, the diverse ethnic groups that settled the west brought theirContinue reading “Religious Records Part 6 – Alberta and British Columbia”

Religious Records Part 5 – Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Moving across Canada, this post looks at Religious Record sources for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. ManitobaAccording to the Canadian Encyclopedia, the largest religious denomination practiced in Manitoba is Catholicism, with United Church and Anglican being second and third. The Manitoba Historical Society has a page about the early churches in Winnipeg here. FamilySearch has a browse onlyContinue reading “Religious Records Part 5 – Manitoba and Saskatchewan”

Religious Records Part 4- Quebec and Ontario

In our travel across Canada, we\’re going to take a look this post for religious records in Quebec and Ontario. QuebecThose of you who research in Quebec know that religious records play a much more important role here than in the other provinces. Up until the 1900\’s church records were the official form of civilContinue reading “Religious Records Part 4- Quebec and Ontario”

Religious Records Part 3 – Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Last post we started our trek across Canada in search of Religious Records, by looking at Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. Now we\’re going to look at Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Nova ScotiaFor a brief outline of the religious history of Nova Scotia, take a look at\’s page on The Church of EnglandContinue reading “Religious Records Part 3 – Nova Scotia and New Brunswick”

Religious Records Part 2 – Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island

In this section we will be looking at Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. For the sake of convenience, I\’ll be referring to the various sects of Protestant as simply Protestant for this post and the future ones as we go across Canada. NewfoundlandIf you would like a historical timeline of the church inContinue reading “Religious Records Part 2 – Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island”

Religious Records Part 1 – The Basics

St. Peter\’s and St. Paul Church, Bartibog Bridge, New BrunswickSource: Religious records are an important part of Canadian research. Unlike today, the houses of worship played a much bigger role in our ancestors lives. It was not only where you went to have your rites of passage performed. It was also where you went toContinue reading “Religious Records Part 1 – The Basics”