Immigrant Ancestors: Border Entry Records at the LAC

We all know that ship\’s lists to Canada are one of the best resources for finding our immigrant ancestors. but what if your ancestor isn\’t listed? What if your ancestor came from the United States? Not only American citizens moved up into Canada. There were others that took ship across the ocean to an AmericanContinue reading “Immigrant Ancestors: Border Entry Records at the LAC”

Railway Ancestors: Railways Employees (Employees Provident Fund) at the LAC

Railways are an important part of the Canadian Heritage. They were what connected our country. It was the promise of a railroad that convinced British Columbia to join Confederation. The Canadian National Railway was the first Crown Corporation in Canada. There are few family trees that do not have a railway connection somewhere. Your ancestorContinue reading “Railway Ancestors: Railways Employees (Employees Provident Fund) at the LAC”

Immigrant Ancestors: The Canadian Naturalization Records Immigration records can be tough. There are so many variables to consider. What country did they come from? When did they come? How old were they when they came? What port would they have come through? If your ancestor came from a country outside the British Commonwealth, you do have one avenue open toContinue reading “Immigrant Ancestors: The Canadian Naturalization Records”

Library and Archives Canada Microfilms on Heritage Website

One of the problems when you don\’t live close to the LAC is that making a trip there to see items they haven\’t digitized on their site difficult. For many of us, it\’s not going to be a day trip. What is little advertised though is that some of the microfilms are digitized on theContinue reading “Library and Archives Canada Microfilms on Heritage Website”

Laying the Groundwork- Census Records Part 2

Last week we looked at what kind of information can be found on a census return. Now we\’re going to look at where to find them. 1851-1921 Library and Archives Canada ┬áThe LAC is the first place any genealogist should go. They have all census records from 1851 to 1916 digitized, as well as theContinue reading “Laying the Groundwork- Census Records Part 2”

Do You Have a Military Ancestor?

Do You Have a Military Ancestor? Canada has a long history of military service and accomplishment. Just the mention of the words \”Vimy\”or \”Juno\” can make a Canadian stand a little straighter and feel a sense of pride. In more recent years, we are known the world over for our peace keeping missions. And then,Continue reading “Do You Have a Military Ancestor?”