Canada\’s National Parks

As I\’m sure you\’ve heard, Parks Canada is offering free admission passes to all Canadian National Parks in 2017. What\’s exciting is that the pass also covers admission to all historic sites and marine conservation areas run by Parks Canada. You can get yours here at Parks Canada\’s website. Our first National Park was Banff. Dating backContinue reading “Canada\’s National Parks”

This Week in Canadian History Dec 4- Dec 10: The Halifax Explosion

Next year marks the 100th Anniversary of the Halifax Explosion. Up until WWII, it was the largest man made explosion in history. In 1917, Halifax was a hub of activity for WWI. The harbour was full of convoys of ships carrying food, munitions and troops. Including troops the city had an estimated population of aroundContinue reading “This Week in Canadian History Dec 4- Dec 10: The Halifax Explosion”

Laying the Groundwork- Census Records Part 2

Last week we looked at what kind of information can be found on a census return. Now we\’re going to look at where to find them. 1851-1921 Library and Archives Canada  The LAC is the first place any genealogist should go. They have all census records from 1851 to 1916 digitized, as well as theContinue reading “Laying the Groundwork- Census Records Part 2”

This Week in Canadian History Nov 27- Dec 3 2016: Toronto\’s First Santa Claus Parade

The T. Eaton Company held the first Toronto Santa Claus parade on December 2, 1905. Now one of the largest in North America, the first parade was only 1 float. Today there are more than 25 floats alone, and the parade route has stretched 6 km some years. It also has the distinction of beingContinue reading “This Week in Canadian History Nov 27- Dec 3 2016: Toronto\’s First Santa Claus Parade”

Laying the Groundwork: Census Records Part 1

Experienced researchers know that the Canadian census collection is the first place to look for your ancestors. Census records pinpoint your ancestors in a time and place, but they can tell you so much more if you know how to read them. The first official Canadian census was taken in 1851/1852, and covered what isContinue reading “Laying the Groundwork: Census Records Part 1”

This Week in History: The Alaska Highway Officially Opens

This week marks the official opening of the Alaska Highway in 1942. originally called the Alcan (Alaska-Canadian) Highway, this feat of engineering runs from Dawson Creek, British Columbia (Mile 0), through the Yukon, to Fairbanks, Alaska (Mile 1523). Built from March to October 1942, the Highway was the idea of President Herbert Hoover. After theContinue reading “This Week in History: The Alaska Highway Officially Opens”

Don\’t Dismiss that Family Story!

Genealogists are taught that we must be able to back up our conclusions with proof. Ideally, we should have three different sources to prove our assertion. The best sources are of course civil registration and church records. But what about family stories? On the surface, family lore is not a wholly reliable source. Over generations,Continue reading “Don\’t Dismiss that Family Story!”

Do You Have a Military Ancestor?

Do You Have a Military Ancestor? Canada has a long history of military service and accomplishment. Just the mention of the words \”Vimy\”or \”Juno\” can make a Canadian stand a little straighter and feel a sense of pride. In more recent years, we are known the world over for our peace keeping missions. And then,Continue reading “Do You Have a Military Ancestor?”

Welcome! Welcome to my blog. It\’s combining my two great loves: history and genealogy. To be honest, you really can\’t have an interest in one without the other. This blog will focus for the most part on Canadian history and genealogy.  First the genealogy aspect. Canadian genealogy can pose some challenges. Regardless of what youContinue reading