Going to Court with The Eastern Law Reporter

Court records can be hard to get when researching from a distance. I stumbled across a great resource on Canadiana recently. The Eastern Law Reporter covered court cases in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island from 1906 to 1915. Canadiana has 25 issues available, from 1909 to 1911. Now there are 2 volumesContinue reading “Going to Court with The Eastern Law Reporter”

British Columbia Ancestors: Medical Life in the early 20th Century

Was your British Columbia ancestor in the medical profession? One of the great resources I stumbled on at the University of British Columbia Archives (UBC) is the collection History of Nursing in Pacific Canada. Don’t let the Collection name fool you though. If your ancestor was a doctor or hospital administrator, you may find themContinue reading “British Columbia Ancestors: Medical Life in the early 20th Century”

Manitoba Ancestors: Was Your Ancestor Memorable?

Did your Manitoba ancestor contribute in some way to their community? Then you will want to check out the free resource Memorable Manitobans on the Manitoba Historical Society’s website. According to the website, the criteria for being included their large collection is as follows: They must be deceased They contributed through their Government occupation TheyContinue reading “Manitoba Ancestors: Was Your Ancestor Memorable?”

Working for the Government: Federal Civil Service Lists on Canadiana

 The machinery of the federal government runs on more than just politicians. There are thousands of people in various government departments who don\’t make speeches and don\’t lobby for votes. I\’m talking about people such as clerks, surveyors, light house keepers, toll agents, and inspectors. If your ancestor was a cog in the machine ofContinue reading “Working for the Government: Federal Civil Service Lists on Canadiana”

Newfoundland Ancestors: Newfoundland Methodist Church Conference

Do you have someone in your tree that was heavily involved with the Methodist Church in Newfoundland? Then you\’ll be pleased to know that Canadiana has recently digitized Minutes of the 2nd to 6th Annual Newfoundland Conferences of the Methodist Church. They cover the years 1875 to 1879.  Now I know this doesn\’t sound like aContinue reading “Newfoundland Ancestors: Newfoundland Methodist Church Conference”

New Brunswick Ancestors: The New Brunswick Irish Portal

When one thinks of the people who settled New Brunswick, there are three main groups that come to mind: The Acadians, The Loyalists, and the New England Planters. But there\’s a good chance that within your New Brunswick ancestors are another group that tend to be forgotten about: The Irish. Even my own maternal tree,Continue reading “New Brunswick Ancestors: The New Brunswick Irish Portal”

University Ancestors: The University of British Columbia Handbook

We tend to look at marriages, occupations, and other details of our ancestors\’ adult lives. The years between birth and marriage don\’t always get the attention they deserve. School yearbooks and handbooks are a fun resource for family history research. They give an insight into a part of your ancestor\’s life that is often glossedContinue reading “University Ancestors: The University of British Columbia Handbook”

Nova Scotia Ancestors: Civil Registration Gets a Makeover

Those of us with Nova Scotian ancestry are very excited that the Nova Scotia Archives recently redesigned their Civil Registration section on their website. We\’re ecstatic that downloads of records are now FREE. Now, downloads were quite reasonably priced before, but I know for myself that I only ordered records for my direct line. CollateralContinue reading “Nova Scotia Ancestors: Civil Registration Gets a Makeover”

Quaker Ancestors: Canadian Friends Historical Association

 Do you have a Quaker ancestor? Then you might want to bookmark the Canadian Friends Historical Association\’s website. This great website has a wealth of information on the early history of Quakers in Canada. According to the website, Quakers started migrating into Upper Canada in the 1790s. Those who were in Dutchess County, NY settled aroundContinue reading “Quaker Ancestors: Canadian Friends Historical Association”

Quebec Ancestors: The Montreal Fire Club at the McGill University Archives

 University Archives are a great resource. They often have unique items in the holdings that you wouldn\’t even think to look for. I spent a fair amount of time poking in several Canadian University online collections over the past few months and they never fail to surprise me. One such find is online at the McGillContinue reading “Quebec Ancestors: The Montreal Fire Club at the McGill University Archives”