I\’m Back and Blogging Again

I\’ve been silent on my blog for awhile, and I do apologize if you\’re a regular reader. For many people, the pandemic experience has been being house bound. My experience this past year has been different. My \”job-that-pays-for-genealogy\” involves Government Auto Insurance, as well as issuing plates and decals. Remote work from home is notContinue reading “I\’m Back and Blogging Again”

Saskatchewan Ancestors: The Greystone Yearbooks Online at the University of Saskatchewan Archives

Yearbooks are a fun way to find out about your ancestor\’s academic life. If your ancestor attended or worked at the University of Saskatchewan between 1912 and 1969, then you\’re in luck. The University has digitized their yearbooks for these years on their website. The collection is called Student Yearbooks Online, 1912-1969. Digitized from microfilms, theContinue reading “Saskatchewan Ancestors: The Greystone Yearbooks Online at the University of Saskatchewan Archives”

Manitoba Ancestors: Issues of "The Commercial" on Canadiana

Records for your ancestor\’s personal life are the back bone of genealogy research. Looking into their professional life can be harder. If they were in public service, such as law or politics, there are many sources that are a matter of public record. Business owning ancestors don\’t leave as much behind. Of course, if yourContinue reading “Manitoba Ancestors: Issues of "The Commercial" on Canadiana”

Ontario Ancestors: School and Teacher Directories on Internet Archive

 I can\’t say enough good things about Internet Archive. For the genealogist on a budget, it is a great resource for finding sources that go beyond Census records and BMD\’s. The trick to using it though is patience. Because of the huge amount of material on there, you will have to try various search termsContinue reading “Ontario Ancestors: School and Teacher Directories on Internet Archive”

Quebec Ancestors: Prison Registers at BAnQ

Some people are rather taken aback when they find their ancestor listed in a criminal register. Then there are those of us who get excited, because it means there\’s an interesting story to add to our family tree. If you have Quebec ancestors that may not have been totally straight and narrow, BAnQ has severalContinue reading “Quebec Ancestors: Prison Registers at BAnQ”

Prince Edward Island Ancestors: Looking for Ancestors in Probate Records on Family Search

 Thanks to the pandemic, travelling to Archives has been severely restricted. This makes finding online sources to search all the more important. Some provinces already had a good online presence pre pandemic, while others did not. If the pandemic has been good for one thing, it\’s been making Archives and Museums rethink their strategies. FamilySearchContinue reading “Prince Edward Island Ancestors: Looking for Ancestors in Probate Records on Family Search”

Newfoundland Ancestors: Directories online at Memorial University

 Newfoundland did not become a province until 1949. However, the first official accounts of Europeans setting foot on Newfoundland goes back to the late 1400\’s. The historic site L\’anse aux Meadows is over 1,000 years old, and attributed to Leif Eriksson. The province is considered England\’s first overseas colony, going back to Elizabeth the first.Continue reading “Newfoundland Ancestors: Directories online at Memorial University”

Yukon Ancestors: Find your Yukon ancestors with the Yukon & Alaska Geneaology Centre

 One of the drawbacks to Yukon genealogy research is the lack of online record sets. A good site to help your research is YukonAlaska.com.  http://yukonalaska.com/pathfinder/gen/ The site has compiled information from the massive 6,000 page database from Murray Lundberg. They have organized the information into several categories.  Historic Yukon & Alaska Hotels, Roadhouses, Saloons & CafesContinue reading “Yukon Ancestors: Find your Yukon ancestors with the Yukon & Alaska Geneaology Centre”

BC Ancestors: The Bill Silver Digital Archive

Free online newspaper sites are always a good thing. If your ancestors lived in and around Vanderhoof, British Columbia, you\’ll want to explore The Bill Silver Digital Archive. Provided free of charge, it is hosted on the Vanderhoof Public Library website. Bill Silver was a local historian who built a collection from 3 local newspapers TheContinue reading “BC Ancestors: The Bill Silver Digital Archive”

Alberta Ancestors: Issues of University of Alberta\’s " The Gateway" Online

 Was your ancestor connected to the University of Alberta? Then you absolutely should be looking at the campus publication The Gateway. Still in publication, it was founded in 1910. Best of all, all issues have been digitized and are available online for free! The publication focuses on issues relevant to students. According to their website,Continue reading “Alberta Ancestors: Issues of University of Alberta\’s " The Gateway" Online”