Taking the time to Browse Part 1: Family Search

Indexed collections on various websites can take you many generations back in a relatively short period of time. In our excitement, we can sometimes forget about \”hidden\” collections. There\’s a whole host of record sets that haven\’t been indexed. If you stick to name searches, you\’re never going to get hits from these collections. TheyContinue reading “Taking the time to Browse Part 1: Family Search”

Probate Records Part 4: Quebec and Ontario

The past few posts we\’ve been travelling across Canada looking at sources for Probate Records. Part 1 gave a brief overview of the records, Part 2 talked about Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island, and in Part 3 we talked about Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. This post we\’re looking at Quebec and Ontario. Both provinces are unique compared toContinue reading “Probate Records Part 4: Quebec and Ontario”

Ontario Ancestors: Toronto Trust Cemeteries Collection

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Ontario All the various cemetery sites online are great for finding inscriptions and pictures of your ancestors\’ tombstones. But one resource that many people overlook are the registers for the cemetery. The reason for this is because it involves a little more of the old fashioned leg work and persistence. You are not going toContinue reading “Ontario Ancestors: Toronto Trust Cemeteries Collection”

Focus on an Archive: Lindsay Public Library Reference Section

When you think of great research places, a place like the Lindsay Branch of the City of Kawartha Lakes Public Library system would not immediately come to mind. With a population of just over 20,000, Lindsay is part of the amalgamated City of Kawartha Lakes (formerly Victoria County). It has a unique combination of bothContinue reading “Focus on an Archive: Lindsay Public Library Reference Section”

D-I-V-O-R-C-E Part 3 – After 1968 in Central Canada

Source: http://pdpics.com/photo/2579-broken-heart-cut-paper/ This week we\’ll be looking at divorce records in Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba QuebecAs stated in Part 1, divorce was handled federally up to 1968. But, unlike other areas of Canada, a couple could become legally separated through the province\’s civil code. These were done by notaries. A notice of action had to be printedContinue reading “D-I-V-O-R-C-E Part 3 – After 1968 in Central Canada”

D-I-V-O-R-C-E Part 1 – Before 1968

We all like to think that our ancestors met, fell in love, married, and only parted through death. Truth is, divorce has always been around in Canada, although rare. According to The Canadian Encycolpedia: \”…while most Canadians married, divorce was extremely uncommon until after the Second World War. In fact, until that time, Canada hadContinue reading “D-I-V-O-R-C-E Part 1 – Before 1968”

Finding Ancestors with the Federal Voter\’s Lists

Source: Ancestry.ca Last post when I was talking about City Directories, I had mentioned about looking at the Federal Voter\’s Lists for my grandmother\’s family. What are the voter\’s lists? These were directories of all persons eligible to vote, put together by Office of the Electoral Officer for Canada. They were broken down by province orContinue reading “Finding Ancestors with the Federal Voter\’s Lists”

Getting Lost in City Directories

This post is a little later in the week than normal. That\’s because I finally broke a major brick wall in my family history research by using city directories. I took a day trip to the Archives of Ontario on April 19th with members of the Kawartha Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. My purposeContinue reading “Getting Lost in City Directories”

Religious Records Part 4- Quebec and Ontario

In our travel across Canada, we\’re going to take a look this post for religious records in Quebec and Ontario. QuebecThose of you who research in Quebec know that religious records play a much more important role here than in the other provinces. Up until the 1900\’s church records were the official form of civilContinue reading “Religious Records Part 4- Quebec and Ontario”

Vital Statistics- Part 3 – Ontario and Quebec

In the first two parts of this series we looked at the Maritime Provinces. Now let\’s look at Ontario and Quebec. Source: http://ontheworldmap.com/canada/province/quebec/quebec-road-map.html QuebecOne of the oldest settled areas of Canada, Quebec has BMD records that go back as far as 1621. Records up to as late as 1993 were mainly just copies of church entries.Continue reading “Vital Statistics- Part 3 – Ontario and Quebec”