Quebec Ancestors: Church Indexes on Family Search

Those with Quebec ancestors are lucky in the fact there are a tremendous amount of church records digitized online. This is especially true for Catholic ancestors. But if you\’re having trouble finding a record, you might want to look at Family Search\’s browse only collection Quebec Index to Civil Copy of Church Records, 1642-1902. One ofContinue reading “Quebec Ancestors: Church Indexes on Family Search”

Manitoba Ancestors: Browsing Early Manitoba through Census records

One of the problems with ancestors in Canada\’s West is finding early records. Thanks to the Hudson\’s Bay Company, those with Manitoba ancestors can find them pre 1870. Family Search has a browse only collection online called Manitoba Census Indexes, 1831-1870. This collection has index cards of the Red River Settlement covering from 1831 to 1869.Continue reading “Manitoba Ancestors: Browsing Early Manitoba through Census records”

52 Ancestors: Week 35 – Finding Occupational Records

Occupational records can give good insight on the working life of your ancestors. If your ancestor was in politics, the military, or in a position of power, chances are you can find detailed records on them. However, if your ancestor wasn\’t, you might have to be a little more creative in finding records. This postContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 35 – Finding Occupational Records”

52 Ancestors: Week 23 – Place Names and Social Histories in Canada

We become so focused on the history of our family members that we don\’t always look closely enough at the history of the region they lived. If you\’re guilty of this, then you may be missing out on important clues as to why your ancestor settled in a particular place. This week\’s 52 Ancestor\’s promptContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 23 – Place Names and Social Histories in Canada”

52 Ancestors: Week 16 – Merchant Marine Records on Family Search This week\’s 52 Ancestor\’s prompt is \”Out of Place\”. If you have maritime ancestors, then you know they can turn up in any location. A good record set covering Canadian ports is the collection Canada, Merchant Marine Agreements and Accounts of Crews, 1890-1920 on Family Search. This collection is a browse only collection. This means thatContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 16 – Merchant Marine Records on Family Search”

52 Ancestors: Week 2 – The Challenge of Organization: Forms and Charts This week\’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks prompt is \”Challenge\”. I have two great grandfathers by the names of John MCDONALD and James DOUGLAS that are challenges. I have yet to find which cabbage patches they came from. My biggest challenge however, is organization. I\’m sure I\’m not alone on that one, so I\’ve decided toContinue reading “52 Ancestors: Week 2 – The Challenge of Organization: Forms and Charts”

Manitoba Ancestors: Manitoba Church Records on Family Search Church records can be a goldmine of information for genealogists. Not only will you get that valuable birth, marriage and death information, but you can also get names of extended family. These records can also pre date civil registration and census records, getting your family further back. The problem with church records is thatContinue reading “Manitoba Ancestors: Manitoba Church Records on Family Search”

Taking the time to Browse Part 1: Family Search

Indexed collections on various websites can take you many generations back in a relatively short period of time. In our excitement, we can sometimes forget about \”hidden\” collections. There\’s a whole host of record sets that haven\’t been indexed. If you stick to name searches, you\’re never going to get hits from these collections. TheyContinue reading “Taking the time to Browse Part 1: Family Search”

Ontario Ancestors: Toronto Trust Cemeteries Collection All the various cemetery sites online are great for finding inscriptions and pictures of your ancestors\’ tombstones. But one resource that many people overlook are the registers for the cemetery. The reason for this is because it involves a little more of the old fashioned leg work and persistence. You are not going toContinue reading “Ontario Ancestors: Toronto Trust Cemeteries Collection”

Laying the Groundwork- Census Records Part 2

Last week we looked at what kind of information can be found on a census return. Now we\’re going to look at where to find them. 1851-1921 Library and Archives Canada  The LAC is the first place any genealogist should go. They have all census records from 1851 to 1916 digitized, as well as theContinue reading “Laying the Groundwork- Census Records Part 2”